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Weddings Frequently Asked Questions


What is your deposit policy?
While each of the Caesar’s Entertainment properties has specific deposit requirements, in general, your first step is to contact the chapel and schedule your reservation over the phone. To secure a time, date, and venue we will ask, at the time of booking, to provide a deposit of about 50% of your package price. If you are unable to provide a deposit at the time of booking, we can hold the reservation for 72 hours before it is removed from our system.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or if you prefer, you may send a personal check or money order when there are 40 days or more before the wedding date. If you book in person you may also pay in cash. Please ask your wedding coordinator for detailed instructions if you are paying by check.

Can I make several small payments towards the ceremony?
You may make up to four deposits for your wedding ceremony.

When is the balance for the wedding due?
The balance of the ceremony is due 30 days prior to the ceremony, as a general rule.

Are there any other required fees or gratuities?
Gratuities to your wedding coordinator, our wedding assistant, the photographer, pianist or minister are always appreciated, but they are not a requirement.

If you have a limousine ride included in your package, you will want to tip your driver. If you have a salon or spa appointment in your package, you will want to tip your stylist and therapist.

With the exceptions of applicable sales taxes on the wedding packages, the licensing fee at the courthouse, the minimum of $75 for the clergy the day of your wedding, and applicable charges on the venue or charges resulting from additions you’ve made to your event order, there are not any other required fees at the chapel.

What is the cancellation policy?
As is the practice in the wedding industry, deposits are not transferable or refundable. When a cancellation occurs with less than 30 days notification, the full payment becomes non-transferable and non-refundable.

If I need to change my date, what do I do?
Date or time changes should be made with more than 30 days notification. We charge a fee of $150 for a date or time change and only one change is allowed.

What if I have a Discount offer?
Coupons must be used at the time of booking. Discounts for Seven Star, Diamond or Platinum Total Rewards status apply to the couple utilizing the services and should be disclosed prior to the final payment.

Caesar’s Entertainment offers our Total Rewards card holders a rebate on non-gaming purchases called Total Rewards Non-Gaming Points. For every five dollars you spend with us you will receive a TRNG point. After your wedding, you can ask us to email our TR department a copy of your Wedding Event Order and our deposit ledger along with your TR Number to the Total Rewards desk and they will apply your earned non-gaming points from your wedding expenditure.

What time should I arrive for my ceremony?
Our brides should arrive dressed and ready for your wedding about 30 minutes before the ceremony and the groom and guests should arrive about 15 minutes before the wedding. Be sure you arrive on schedule so you are not subject to any late fees.

Late Fee:
We require the bride to arrive 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony and the groom and guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony. Everyone should arrive ready for the ceremony. In the event of a late arrival, you may be subject to a $300 rescheduling fee and your wedding may be moved to the nearest available time.

Will I be legally married?
Yes, Las Vegas ceremonies are recognized as legal marriages all over the world. After the marriage ceremony your minister will obtain the witness signatures and complete the marriage documentation process and you will be legally married. However, in order to change your name on paper, most governmental agencies, banks, and insurance companies will need a certified copy of the marriage certificate from the Clark Count Recorder’s Office. Some countries, including Germany, also require an Apostille after the ceremony is recorded in order to show the wedding was properly documented as per that country’s requirements. For more information on this subject, please visit


What do I need to obtain a marriage license?
The following original documents containing the applicant’s photo are acceptable. The photo must be a sufficiently recent, clear likeness of the applicant.

• Driver’s License

• Driver’s Instruction Permit

• ID Card issued by U. S. state or territory

• Foreign government issued ID card, including Driver’s License (must include birth date)

• Passport

• Matricula Consular Card

• Military ID Card issued by branch of U. S. Armed Forces

• Military Dependent ID Card issued by branch of U. S. Armed Forces

• Certificate of Citizenship issued by U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

• Certificate of Naturalization issued by U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

• Permanent Resident Card issued by U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services


For more detailed information about licensing requirements, please visit

Can I get my license from my home state?
If you plan to marry in Nevada, you must obtain a marriage certificate from one of our marriage bureaus. In Las Vegas, you may obtain your license and certificate at the Clark County Courthouse located at 201 East Clark Avenue, downtown Las Vegas. The marriage bureau is open seven days a week from 8am to midnight. Both parties must be present in order to obtain the marriage certificate. The fee is $77.00, payable in cash, money order, cashiers check or by credit card.

Can I Obtain the Marriage Certificate Prior to My Arrival?
You may complete a pre-application form on line at up to 60 days before your arrival. However, you must still go to the Marriage Bureau at 201 East Clark Avenue, in person to pick up and pay for your marriage certificate prior to the ceremony.

When will I receive my signed marriage certificate?
You will receive the unrecorded original copy of your marriage certificate, signed by at least one witness and the officiant after your ceremony and prior to leaving the wedding chapel. The officiant will file a copy of the marriage certificate with the Clerk’s Office of Clark County within ten days of the ceremony.

What do I need to change my name?
It is important to order a certified copy of your marriage certificate approximately ten business days after your ceremony to show government agencies, insurers, employers, and the like, your ceremony was legally performed and to make arrangements to change your last name if you intend to do so.


What is an Apostille?
In some countries outside North America proof of a marriage consists of a certified copy of the marriage certificate as well as an Apostille after the license has been filed.



Do you supply an officiant?
We have several clergy who perform weddings for us throughout the week. Each minister is committed to providing you a sincere ceremony and recording your documents with the County Recorder’s Office in a timely manner. They are each licensed through the County Clerk’s office to perform legally binding ceremonies in Nevada. These ceremonies are recognized all over the world.

When can I meet the minister?
The minister will meet with you approximately fifteen minutes before the wedding, either as a couple or individually depending on whether you are seeing one another before the ceremony or planning a “first look” and keeping out of sight from one another until the walk up the aisle. The minister will ask you whether you prefer a civil, Christian, or God honoring ceremony. A civil ceremony does not mention God at all and focuses on your relationship with one another. A Christian ceremony may incorporate a blessing or religious scriptures from the New Testament into the wedding, and a God honoring ceremony provides a prayer or may incorporate a special service unique to your personal belief system.

Can Someone I Know Perform the Wedding Ceremony?
At the Garden Chapel and SilverSky Chapels we allow you to bring in a clergy person other than those we are contracted with, but three stipulations apply. First, we charge an outside clergy fee of $50.00. Second, the ceremony needs to remain within a 15 minute time frame. Third, your clergy person needs to obtain “temporary permission to perform weddings” with the Clark County Clerk’s office prior to performing you service. This must be obtained at least 30-days prior to the ceremony by completing the required documents available on and submitting them to the clerk’s office in time to receive their approvals.

Specialty Ministers

If you have language preferences for the ceremony or prefer a particular minister on our staff, the minister’s fee generally increases to a minimum of $150 but may be higher depending on the availability of the clergy.

Are Rabbis available?
Rabbinical services may be performed by Rabbis from area temples. Our wedding coordinators have a list of Rabbis you may choose from. Bear in mind Rabbis set their own fees and an “own clergy” fee of $50 will apply.

Is the minister’s fee included in the package?
At Planet Hollywood, Paris, Flamingo and The Linq the clergy’s fee is not included in the package and is due in cash the day of the ceremony. At Caesar’s Palace, the minister or clergy fee is included in the package price.

The minister’s fee at the Flamingo Garden Chapel and the SilverSky Chapel is a minimum of $75 payable at the time of your ceremony, in cash.


How do I change my name?
Changing your name on paper will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate obtainable from the Clark County Recorder’s office ten business days from the date of your marriage ceremony. Governmental agencies will require the certified copy to complete the name change process. We recommend you do a records search on-line prior to requesting your certified copies. You may do so at The fee is $15.00 per document. Or, you may follow the instructions on the back of the marriage certificate


Do I need to get another marriage certificate if I am renewing my vows?
Renewal of vows ceremonies do not require a Marriage License, but you will be asked to provide a copy of your marriage certificate and to complete a simple affidavit stating the date and location of your marriage. We do provide renewing couples with a decorative, certificate of renewal.


Do you perform commitment ceremonies?
Yes, we can perform a commitment ceremony at all our Caesar’s Entertainment properties.

What is a commitment ceremony?
A commitment ceremony is unifying ceremony performed by one of our clergy that is not recognized as a legally binding contract in the way a marriage ceremony is by government agencies.


Can I add a Singer?
Yes, you may add a singer to highlight a portion of your marriage ceremony such as the bride’s entrance or a unity candle service. Fees for microphones and/or “outside vendor fees” may apply and arrangements for these services should be made prior to your wedding ceremony.

Can Someone I Know Perform the Wedding Ceremony?
At the Garden Chapel and SilverSky Chapels we allow you to bring in a clergy person other than those we are contracted with, but three stipulations apply. First, we charge an outside clergy fee of $50.00. Second, the ceremony needs to remain within a 15 minute time from. Third, your clergy person needs to obtain “temporary permission to perform weddings” with the Clark County Clerk’s office prior to performing you service. This may be obtained 30-days prior to the ceremony by completing the required documents available on and submitting them to the clerk’s office in time to receive their approvals.

How long is the wedding ceremony?

Though the chapels are booked for a period of 30 to 45 minutes, the ceremony itself only takes about twelve to fifteen minutes. You may choose to add one or two personal touches to your wedding such as a reader, singer, unity candle, sand ceremony, butterfly release, child ceremony, or hand fastening ceremony. Talk with your wedding coordinator about these items as we must keep our ceremonies within certain time frames.

What does the minister say?
Each of our clergy has a unique ceremony they have memorized. They can customize portions of their ceremony to suit your belief system. We do not allow people to write the entire ceremony without prior approval and an additional fee requirement. However, if you want to write your own vows of love and devotion, you may. Keep them to eight stanzas or less in length.

What is the difference between vows of love and ring vows?
In most weddings there are vows of love and devotion and ring vows. Vows of love and devotion occur as you’re pledging your faithfulness and enduring love for your spouse. The ring vows occur when you accept the ring your spouse places on your ring finger. In addition to repeating the minister’s vows of love and devotion you may exchange words you have written to express your faithfulness and love for one another in a more personal way. Discuss this with your coordinator in advance of the ceremony.

What Happens When I arrive for the Wedding?
Typically our couples arrive separately because they want to enjoy the “first look” as one makes their way up the aisle to their partner. The bride will arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony and the groom will arrive with the guests 15 minutes prior to the scheduled wedding time. Your wedding coordinator will tell you where to meet depending on the location you’ve selected for your ceremony site.

Once you arrive, you’ll be provided with your flowers and assisted to an area where you can relax while the chapel staff prepares for your ceremony. The minister will introduce him/herself, and interview you briefly about your preference for a civil, religious, or God-honoring ceremony. Approximately ten minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony, the wedding coordinator will line up the wedding party in the order they proceed up the aisle. Once they are in place the coordinator will prepare the bride and her escort. Then she will start the ceremony, cueing the attendants to walk up when it is their turn.

When Should My Guests Arrive?
Guests should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony. Please let your guests know the chapel may be difficult for them to find, so they should leave plenty of time to get to the wedding location. We have a late fee of $300 and late arrivals may result in the rescheduling of your ceremony for later in the day or for the following day.

How Many People Can I have in My Wedding Party?
The number of attendants depends on the venue you select. At the Flamingo we recommend no more than six attendees on each side at the Gazebo, no more than five on each side at the Garden Chapel, no more than four on each side at the Crescendo area, and no more than three on each side at Paradise Falls and Chapel Falls.

Do I receive Total Rewards Points for my ceremony expenditure?
Yes, you receive Total Rewards Non Gaming points in the amount of one point for every one dollar spent at the chapel. After your ceremony your wedding coordinator can email a copy of your wedding event order and your deposit ledger along with your Total Rewards number to the Total Rewards team and they will put the points on your Total Rewards card for you. Just let your coordinator know you want this to occur and provide her/him with your Total Rewards number.


Can you steam out my Gown?
Our Bell Desk can send your dress out for steaming for you. We recommend providing them with a 24-hr turn around time for this, from a 9am time to a 9am time. The associated fee will depend on the complexity of your gown going up from a starting price of $75 and higher if there are several layers to your gown or if it is made with a fabric that is very prone to wrinkling.

Is limousine service included?
Some of our packages include a six passenger, stretch limousine. You may upgrade the limousine type if you choose to for additional fees. Our chapels use a third party for guest transportation.

Your limousine times should be scheduled through your wedding coordinator at least three weeks prior to your ceremony. Please verify the arrangements are correct when reviewing your contract.

Is there a salon at the hotel?
There are several salons in our family of Las Vegas hotels whose stylists are very familiar with a bride’s unique expectations and sense of style.

Caesar’s Palace, Color Salon, 866-730-7791

Garden Chapel, The Uno Salon, 702-737-1456

SilverSky Chapel, Salon at The Linq, 702-794-3242labu

Harrahs, Salon at Harrahs, (702)369-5126

Paris, Spa by Mandara, 702-946-4366

Planet Hollywood, Spa by Mandara, 702-785-5772

Can I get dressed at the chapel?
We recommend brides arrive at the chapel dressed and ready 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony.

Can I ship my dress to the chapel?
You may ship your dress to the business center at any of our properties, but do not ship it directly to the wedding chapels as these areas are not secured, storage holding areas. Typically there is a small service fee charged by the business area for holding your dress until the arrival date.

Flamingo Las Vegas

Ship to:

The UPS Store

Your Name and Your Arrival Date

3565 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas NV 89109

The Linq:

Ship to:

The LINQ Hotel & Casino

Hotel Guest - Name of Guest

3535 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Can I use the gym and spa?
You may add the workout facility and spa facility to your package for a nominal per-day fee.

Flamingo workout/spa rates

1-day pass (Fitness Center) - $10

3-day pass (Fitness Center) - $25

5-day pass (Fitness Center) - $55

1-day, all access pass (Both Fitness Center & Spa) - $20

3-day, all access pass (Both Fitness Center & Spa) - $55

5-day, all access pass (Both Fitness Center & Spa) - $85

What sort of bridal specialty shops are nearby?
The Flamingo Hotel has the Go Sexy store offering of intimate gifts, bachelor and bachelorette items, and romantic trousseau items.

Go Sexy, 702-733-3529

Is the chapel wheel chair accessible?
Our chapels are wheel chair accessible. Your wedding coordinator will be happy to show you or your guests the wheel chair access route.

What if I have to rent a wheel chair?
Our Bell Desk can assist you in renting a wheel chair or scooter.

Does the hotel offer child care?
The hotel does not offer child care. Google searches for Las Vegas Babysitter will yield several local agencies you may interview, though, should you need child care during your stay.

Does the hotel offer shuttle service?
There are several shuttles from McCarran Airport to the strip. You can catch them right outside baggage claim at the airport. The shuttles operate seven days per week. Rates may vary.


Is there a car rental agency at the hotel?
Hertz Car Rental is located in the Flamingo Las Vegas.

How can I make arrangements to see a show?
You can book a show at any of our Las Vegas properties from the Entertainment pages of our property websites.

Caesar’s Palace

Flamingo Las Vegas

The Linq


Planet Hollywood

How can I make arrangements for a tour?
Each property has a box office you may contact for tour information.

Flamingo Las Vegas Box Office, 800-221-7299

The Linq Box Office, 702-322-0560

Are gift cards available?
Gift cards may be purchased from any of our retail outlets.


What Does the Wedding Coordinator Do?
The wedding coordinator is responsible for preparing your wedding arrangements prior to your arrival and ensuring you know what to expect when you arrive. They should supply you with accurate confirmations of your wedding arrangements; schedule your chapel time, flowers, photography, minister and the amenities in your wedding package. In addition, they prepare a processional form so they and the remaining coordination team know how you want everyone to proceed up the aisle. The wedding coordinator can also help introduce you to other services such as the spa and beauty salon, restaurant and banquet sales teams, and let you know who to contact regarding room blocks.

The wedding coordinator is responsible for organizing your file so anyone on our team can pick up where they left off in the event that they are on vacation or off on your wedding date.

What should I be doing?
After scheduling your ceremony it’s important to review your confirmation documents and send a copy back to the chapel. Remember to review the papers carefully. Check any room reservations made through the chapel, and ensure the time and date of the ceremony, the venue, and your package details are correct. You should then be considering how your wedding party will proceed up the aisle, your flower selections and flower budget, your music selections, and what, if any, dinner parties or receptions you want to enjoy with your friends before and after your wedding ceremony.

When can I contact my wedding coordinator?
We recommend you contact your wedding coordinator as questions arise after your initial confirmation letter is sent. Your wedding coordinator will not reach out to you to finalize the details until approximately 30-days before the wedding. If your ceremony is several months away and your coordinator is off or on vacation, please allow them time to respond to your question as the wedding planners are typically handling a lot of communication at one time.

What if I need an answer NOW and my coordinator isn't available?
The coordinators at Flamingo work as a team. Call our main number at 800-933-7993 and ask to speak with any available coordinator. We all have access to your file and can answer any questions you might have concerning your ceremony. Your coordinator is the only person with access to change your contract but we are all happy to take notes and pass the information along to her.

I called my Wedding Coordinator yesterday and she still hasn't called me back. Am I just a number?
The answer to this question is most definitely "NO". Our Wedding Coordinators are professional, very caring people who work very hard and want to be available for you. However, it is important to note that they are required to work in date order. They may be meeting with brides who are getting married within the week or running ceremonies that day. Your coordinator will return your call or email as quickly as possible.


What time should I schedule my reception?
You may schedule the reception to begin one half hour after the ceremony begins or you may want something less traditional, such as scheduling a dinner before the wedding and returning to the banquet room after the ceremony for cake and champagne along with dancing and drinking -- it’s your preference.

Who do I contact about restaurant reservations?
You may contact our Las Vegas City Wide Restaurant Sales Group for restaurant reservations at any of our Caesar’s Entertainment owned properties. You may reach them at 866-733-5827 or by email at [email protected]

Who do I contact about a banquet reception?
Regards creating a banquet style reception, contact our Las Vegas City Wide Catering Sales team at 866-462-5982. You may also reach them by email at [email protected] The City Wide Catering sales group can book events at any of our Caesar’s Entertainment properties in Las Vegas.


Can I provide my own music?
Music is one of the most powerful ways of expressing your emotions during your wedding. Typically there are four musical selections played during the ceremony. The first is played for the groom and wedding party. The second is played as the bride enters. The third selection accents the vows. And the final selection rings out when you are pronounced for the first time.

We allow for a live musician in each of our wedding packages. If you prefer recorded music there may be additional fee requirements. You may want to upgrade your package to include a string quartet or an arrangement of musicians. These things can be added to the package so discuss your options with your wedding coordinator.


What options do I have for flowers?
Flowers provide color and style to your ceremony. There is nothing we talk about more than flowers! Our wedding coordinators can assist you in selecting the flowers that are perfect for your style and still within your budget. Our florists can create something unique for you or duplicate a bouquet you’ve selected as long as you provide a photograph or image of the bouquet.

Your wedding coordinator can help you design and order additional flowers as well.

• Please keep in mind that flowers are subject to seasonal availability and that color shades do vary according to the season. A perfect match is not always possible. Sometimes a contrasting color is your best choice. A yellow rose grown in November will be much darker in color than the same rose grown in August.

• If an exact color match is needed for your floral ribbons please consider supplying the ribbon. While every effort will be made for the perfect match we cannot guarantee that this will be possible. Depending on your computer, the color of a printed picture may vary slightly.

• Occasionally a specific flower choice may become unavailable due to weather conditions, etc. In the event that this happens a substitution will be made at the discretion of the Chapel Wedding Coordinator.

• We never want to change your order but may be forced to find a similar but alternate flower to replace something that comes in of poor quality.

• A substitution of this kind would only be made in a last minute, emergency situation and will allow us to provide you with the best possible product.

• Charges for floral cancellations received less than 21 days prior to the ceremony cannot be refunded.

• While every effort will be made additions requested less than 10 days prior to the ceremony are not guaranteed and are subject to availability.

• Outside floral, including silk floral, is not allowed in the Chapels or at any other Ceremony Locations unless an “Outside Vendor Fee” is paid. The fee for outside floral is $150 and will be charged to the credit card on file.

• Silk Petals should be used in any carpeted chapel areas in lieu of fresh petals.

Does the wedding chapel allow candles during the ceremony for décor?
We do allow luminaries for wedding décor. Luminaries are battery operated candles that flicker much like a traditional candle.

Are unity candles allowed during the wedding ceremony?
You may add a unity candle to your wedding ceremony for an additional fee.

Can I customize my chairs and colors for the ceremony?
You may customize your chairs and add aisle décor to our outdoor and indoor venues for an additional fee. At the SilverSky chapel you can accent your lighting accents.

Can I add or take away items from the packages?
Generally we are unable to take items from a package, but we can certainly add items to a package. We recommend discussing your preferences with your wedding planner because she can help you determine which package will be most suitable for you and which is most cost effective.

Are pets allowed at the ceremony?
Caesar’s properties are pet friendly. Yes! Please feel free to include your pet in your wedding ceremony. Discuss the details of keeping your pet stress free during the preparations and any special needs with your wedding coordinator in advance of the ceremony.


How do the photos work?
Every ceremony package includes a limited amount of photography time and a certain credit towards photographic products. Our photographers will take a minimum number of exposures so you can choose the prints from among several favorites. There are photographs taken during the ceremony in a journalistic style and some posed photographs taken after the wedding. If you intend to do several group photos, we recommend upgrading your photography package to include more time for family shots and personalized pictures of you and your spouse. Images will be available for viewing in person during your stay and you may make arrangements to view them on line for a period of 45 days following your ceremony. Please make sure we have your correct email address on file.

Can I purchase more photos?
Yes, you may purchase additional prints and your family may select prints from your photo gallery online. You will receive an email from our photography vendor with a link and password for on-line access to ordering additional prints within 72 hours of your ceremony.

Is the copyright for additional pictures included in the package?
In most of the packages the copyright is not included in the cost of the wedding package. You may arrange to purchase the high resolution photo CD in advance, though. Speak to your coordinator for your options.

Do you offer webcasting?
We do offer webcasting of our ceremonies. However, there is typically a time delay of two to four hours from the ceremony time until the wedding is available for viewing on line.

$100 for Five days*

$140 for 30-days *

*price may vary depending on if your package already includes a videographer or not

Can my guests take their own photos?
Your guests may take photographs as we are preparing for the wedding, pinning on corsages, organizing the processional and the like, but they should not shoot during the ceremony.


Are there room discounts offered for my guests?
There are several options for room discounts at our properties. First, our Las Vegas Caesar’s Entertainment properties offer a 10% discount off the prevailing room rate to the friends and relatives of our wedding guests when they book directly with our call center at 800-732-2111. Second, we have experienced hospitality managers in our Total Experiences Department (702-731-7238) who can assist you in creating a block of five or more rooms for your guests at a fixed rate with guaranteed availability for a set time frame. Lastly, if you are a Total Rewards member and frequent our properties, you may be eligible for discounted rates for some of our guests.

To create a room block with Total Experiences you may also email them at [email protected]

What time is check-in and check out?
The official check in time is at 4pm and check out is at 11am. If you want an early check in, you may opt to pay the early check in fee of $50.00 for a check in prior to 12 noon.

Are there minimum age requirements to book a guest room?
At least one person registered in the room must be 21 years old.

Are pets allowed at the hotel?
We allow Service Animals in all our Las Vegas properties. Dogs are the only animals allowed under the PetStay program. Dogs staying at any of the participating hotels must weigh 50 pounds or less and be present at the time of check- in. Up to 2 dogs per room are allowed. Dogs are permitted to walk through designated common areas while on a leash and accompanied by the owner. Check in time for a PetStay rooms is 4pm. Dog owners must be prepared to accommodate your dogs until your room is ready. Dogs must be kenneled or out of the room during housekeeping. (Housekeeping may be scheduled at your convenience, but housekeeping must be allowed to service your guest room at a minimum of every other day.)

For additional information on PetStay, please click here


How soon can I book my wedding?
We recommend booking your wedding as soon as you are sure of us and sure of your date and time. If your wedding is occurring more than 18 months from the date you schedule the ceremony, you may be subject to an early booking fee.

What happens if I have to change my date or wedding time?
As long as you provide at least 30-days notification you may change the date or time of your ceremony. There is a date/time change fee of $150.00 and you may only change the date or time once.

What is the cancellation policy on hotel reservations?
In order to avoid a cancellation fee on room reservations you cannot keep, you must provide at least 48 hours notice when cancelling a room reservation.

What is the average temperature in Las Vegas?
Average temperatures by month in Las Vegas can be found here

What time does the sun set in Las Vegas?
Sunrise and sunset times can be found at

Leisure & Activities

Las Vegas offers an abundance of options in the way of sightseeing, outdoor recreation activities, romance, and relaxation. There are even opportunities for children to enjoy a good time while you are here. Depending on the season in which you travel, you may want to schedule a variety of outings for your guests ranging from Golf at Cascata to a sightseeing tour of the strip in a party bus or a day of ease by the pool. In our fair city you can snow ski in the winter on Mount Charleston or Caesar’s Entertainment offers an abundance of options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Just in the Miracle Mile shopping sector at Planet Hollywood we have 170 shops and 15 restaurants. At Caesar’s Palace’s Forum Shops 175,000-square-feet of shops and restaurants are available to you.

While you’re at the Forum Shops you may want to check out the free show, Fall of Atlantis, which runs every hour on the top of the hour daily from 10am to 11pm. To review other free options in Las Vegas you may want to check out And to see other dining and entertainment options at our properties, check out the links below:

The Linq Promenade offers live music each Friday and Saturday. Check with your planner for details and artists.

Other usefullinks:


Snow Ski:



Many of our couples want to secure rooms for their guests at a fixed rate, but their guests are paying for their own reservations or they may want to offer rooms at several different properties so their guests have a choice. For couples like these, our Total Experiences group is the perfect option. Total Experiences can create a block of five or more rooms for you, holding the rooms off market at a fixed rate up to 30-days prior to your arrival. You will be provided with a distinct group code which your guests can use to secure the rates that have been negotiated for them.

In addition, Total Experience can act as your leisure concierge, setting up tee times, bachelor parties, and rehearsal dinners.

Link to TE website:

To contact Total Experiences you may call 702-731-7238 or email [email protected]

Las Vegas and cars go hand in hand. There are several limousine and shuttle services available at McCarran International Airport, on the West Side exits from baggage claim, exit doors 7-13. Taxi cabs pick up from the baggage claim area outside exit doors 1-4.

If you prefer to rent a car, you may rent a car at McCarron or from Hertz inside the Flamingo Hotel. Most hotels do not charge for parking while you are a guest of theirs.

Las Vegas also offers a 24-hour public transit system. For routes and times, visit

While our traffic is not as bad as in some cities, traversing the Strip at 5pm is something one should do at a slow pace, not while in a hurry. If you or your guests are not staying at the same property you marry at, please remember to save plenty of time to arrive relaxed and pleasantly early for your ceremony.

McCarran International Airport:

Your wedding coordinator will email you a list to fill out with the names of your guests and their hotel room confirmation numbers. If you fill it out and return it to your coordinator, we will do our best to keep everyone in the same tower and help insure they get the best room available in the room type that was booked.

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