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DJ Jenna Palmer

DJ Jenna Palmer From studying and bar work... to discovering her passion for DJing... to playing poolside parties and starring in her own TV show, DJ Jenna Palmer's career is one complete with surprises, successes and a whole load of hard work!

Unlike most DJs, Jenna Palmer didn't decide to become a DJ. Instead, she fell into the profession, realizing very quickly that she' d found her passion in life – even if it was by accident! Since then, she' s never looked back, taking on opportunity after opportunity without so much of a backwards glance.A ' true Las Vegas native' , Jenna was born and raised in the City of Lights, attending both grade school and college, and eventually graduating from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) in 2009 with a bachelor' s degree in Science and Business Administration in Marketing.

Four years before her graduation, however, she found herself DJing in a nightclub where she already worked – and her life changed forever!"Back in 2003 I was hired at a nightclub as their entertainment coordinator,"explained Jenna. "One day the music director was short for DJs for a daytime corporate event and asked if I could provide the music for them. At that time I did not know anything about DJing, but I knew music. He taught me how to work the equipment, just enough to get through the party, and afterwards said if I was interested in really learning how to DJ he would teach me. Needless to say, I said yes!"This was a game-changing moment for Jenna – someone who loved music but had never considered going behind the decks to provide entertainment for others. This
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